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Manymills Labradors

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Multi Purpose Labradors

Susan Scales passed away on the 20th July 2000 after a long illness.

The first Manymills litter was born on 1st January 1960 and were advertised as „not dual purpose, but multi purpose“. The sire was Foxhanger Mascot P.D.Ex. T.D.Ex. W.D.Ex. U.D.Ex. C.D.Ex. and the dam Lisnamallard Peggy U.D.Ex.C.D.Ex. The Foxhangers, owned and trained by Lady Simpson, at that time competed and won in all five disciplines available to Labradors (breed showing, field trials, working trials, gundog working tests and obedience) and my ambition was to do the same.
We have had a British Field Trial Champion and a Working Trial Champion, and there have been Manymills champions in field and show ring all over the world.

Lucky Charm, known as Pippin, was retained from my first litter and all subsequent stock has descended from her. She won 1sts in all five disciplines and was the dam (by Ch. Sandylands Tandy) of W.T.Ch. M. Tanne T.D.Ex. W.D.Ex. U.D.Ex. C.D.Ex.

Tanne became a W.T.Ch., won 22 Gundog Working Tests and a two day Open Field Trial. Encore won Field Trials and Working Tests and qualified up to W.D.Ex. in Working Trials. Wigeon and Chief Scout won F.T. & Ch. Show awards. Manymills Edwin of Creasser (the only dog I ever bought not of my own breeding) won Ch. Show 1sts and F.T. awards.

Manymills stock were known for their wonderful temperaments and many become Guide Dogs, Dogs for the Disabled etc. as well as gundogs. They were good looking Labradors possessing the breed essentials of expression, coat and tail.

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